So often when we talk about Climate Change, the focus is on the problem. Rightfully so as the problem is big, complicated and urgent. But what about solutions? The good news is that there are solutions to Climate Change. Some of them are big and complicated, but others are simple and personal.

Climate Change effects everyone, therefore everyone needs to be part of the solution. Below are ways you can have an impact because every little effort counts.

To StartNext StepsThink About
Purchase lessRecycleCompost
Meatless MondaysShop Farmers Markets
Buy Local
Join Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Shut off lightsInstall LED light bulbsJoin Community Solar Garden or buy residential solar panels
Conserve waterInstall rain barrelReplace sod with drought tolerant perennials
Mow your grass less oftenPlant a treeDonate to conservation society
RecycleUse chemical free lawn serviceRide your bike or take public transportation to work
Open a dialogue with friends and family about the impacts of Climate ChangeCall your local representative and ask them to support renewable energy policiesVote for candidates who support the environment and renewable energy policies