Solutions: MN’s Embracing New Solar Energy Options

We are currently in a clean energy revolution.

Electric and hybrid cars are driving traditional gas cars into the antiquated lane, with car companies announcing new business plans that include phasing out gas fueled car production and increasing their electric car portfolios. Solar panels are being installed in record numbers, and waiting lists for solar garden participation are growing as electric companies struggle to keep up with the demand. This is an exciting time for cost-conscious citizens and environmentalists alike.

So this leads us to wonder, what’s the next big trend?

Some Minnesotans might say battery powered houses. Tesla has created a lithium powered battery to be installed in houses. This battery allows residents to store power generated by solar panels during the day or purchased from the power company at night when rates are lowest.

Read the StarTribune article here to learn about how this works and what Minnesotans, including Maple Grove residents are saying about it.