Action Center

Check out our Action Alerts and Volunteer Opportunities below for ways you can get involved in the Climate Change movement and make your voice heard.


Action Alerts:

  1. Call your legislatures and tell them to support a clean and renewable Minnesota.

Click here to find your representative.

Check your Legislature to find out how they are voting on Minnesota Conservation Issues.


Volunteer Opportunities:


“Letter to the  Editor” Team

The purpose of the team is to get letters about climate change and renewable energy to community editors on a frequent and consistent timeline.

Don’t consider yourself a writer? No problem! There are several roles needed, with a wide range of skills and activities besides writing. Below is a description of roles needed for this team:

1) Persons who regularly see either the print or on-line edition of any of the local   community newspapers (Plymouth Sun Sailor, Maple Grove Press, Lakeshore Weekly, etc) and can alert the group when the paper has had any article or LTE related to climate change or energy policy.

2) Persons to think of and watch for good topics. Examples might be extreme weather events, actions by elected officials, climate change related items in the news

3) Persons to proof read or just provide feedback on draft letters composed by others

4) Writers who will draft letters

5) Persons who will submit letters to a paper

If you are interested please Email Us at


Attend a Northwest Metro Climate Action meeting:

Join us at our next meeting TBD. To find out more about the meeting or how you can get involved in our efforts contact us on Facebook or email.


Find other local environmental organizations to get involved in.