About Us


To  broaden awareness of the reality and implications of the changing climate to our neighbors, community, and greater Minnesota so we can preserve a livable Earth for ourselves and the next generation.


What We Do:

NW Metro Climate Action works with climate initiatives from larger groups like CCL, Sierra Club, MN350 or others when those initiatives fit well with the purpose and capacities of NWMCA.  

  • Communicate with NW Metro communities of local legislation that impacts Climate Change
  • Highlight local businesses, group and individuals that are making a positive difference in Climate Change
  • Work with local communities and legislatures in raising concerns and providing solutions to Climate Change
  • Educate NW Metro communities on the dangers Climate Change

About You:

NW Metro Climate Action group is not about us – it is about you! We are a group of neighbors, friends, and like-minded community members that believe in a healthier, cleaner and sustainable future.

Please let us know what environmental issues are important to you. We also want to know what we can do to help you learn more or how to get involved in action on the issues you care about.

There are plenty of ways to contact us. Or just leave a comment on our home page.